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Atosiban Acetate
Atosiban Acetate 
Product Name  Atosiban Acetate Cas No. 90779-69-4
Molecular Formula C45H71N11O14S2 Molecular Weight 994.19
GT #   GT Name  
Sequence 1-deamino-2d-tyr-(oet)-4-thr-8-orn-oxytocin;oxytocin
1、 Appearance White powder
2、 Purity (%)(HPLC) >98.0%
3、 Solubility Soluble in water or 1% HAc at a concentration of 1mg/ml to give a clear,colorless solution
4、 QC Data MS and HPLC
5、 Storage 2-8℃,keep dry and dark


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