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GENTLE-BIO is a R&D and production-oriented enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of peptide and polypeptide reagents. 
With an experienced research team of a large number of engineers and a strong service system,GENTLE-BIO continues to provide grade level personalized synthesis peptides,pharmaceuticals and cosmetic polypeptides to customers worldwide.Except for our experienced engineering team,GENTLE-BIO is also equipped with an automatic peptide synthesis system to produce a variety of multi-sequence peptides in small quantities (milligrams) to greatly reduce the overall cost of peptide synthesis production. 
We have developed  strict management and scientific production procedures to ensure the quality of all our products.We keep detailed records of all procedures, including the testing of both raw materials and end products,each step of the polypeptide synthesis process,purification methods, quality inspection reports,and storage conditions.All pharmaceutical and cosmetic polypeptides produced are in strict accordance with the GMP requirements for production and management
As such,GENTLE-BIO is able to provide exceptionally high quality and cost efficient products and services to our global customers saving time and development costs.
So far, GENTLE-BIO has already provided the worldwide scientific community with tens of thousands of active polypeptide sequences,and has developed a variety of complex modified peptide synthesis technologies (access biotin, phosphorylation,dye marker,sulfonation,tail cyclization, etc.). 
With committed professional services and strong R&D polypeptide capacities,GENTLE-BIO has established long-term collaboration relationships with many research institutions and pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad.
We ensure the same quality customized services for all orders from milligrams,to hundreds of grams. In order to protect the interests of our customers, if needed, we will keep the polypeptide sequences synthesized for you under strict confidentiality. We can sign a confidentiality agreement with you after confirming the polypeptide sequence. 
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